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ATC Group International Transport & Commerce Ltd. Company was established in 2000 by Orhan Cem Ulusoy with 100% Turkish capital. Its main target is to contribute to the economy of the country and to provide employment our people. Orhan Cem Ulusoy has 15 years of experience in the sector.

Our company followed a customer oriented strategy in the International Transportation and Logistics field, and took its place in the sector as one of the precious companies that works as boutique transporters.

Starting from 2000, the company achieved a dependable point by closely following the technological advantages of the age, integrating them into its system, and never making concessions to customer satisfaction.

Although our company was established in 2000, investments made for 10 vehicles in 2003 and for 10 vehicles in 2004, so there is a fleet of 20 vehicles. We continue to serve our customers for their road transportation needs with our fleet of 75 vehicles including our rented vehicles.
For the incoming period, the company will move to the future never making concession to its principles, and customer satisfaction will come first.

1) Our principles and values,
Trustworthy, accountable, fast, effective, innovative, honest, established, fair, dynamic, competent, flexible…
ATC offers original and creative solutions that respond to the requirements of its local partners, international job partners, and each step of job processes.

2) Message from ATC,
One of our most important duties is the safe and on time delivery to the receiver that needs considerable labour and time to contribute to the economy of the country.