As ATC GROUP, we produce innovative and creative solutions tailored only to your project and you by using our sea, air and road services individually or in different combinations for your domestic or international projects. We deliver out-of-size, heavy, and bulky loads to the desired point in the safest way by planning and managing them down to the finest detail with our professional team.

We constantly support our technological infrastructure and our team to provide services in a large-scale area such as project logistics, which requires attention and dedication. With our strategic partners, our global network, and our great passion for implementing projects of this scale, we are working continuously 24/7 to provide you with the highest quality service. We are proud to be moving to an even more privileged place with our price policy and service quality among the companies that carry out project transportation every day. Dec.

We provide added value to all our customers with our team that has mastered the international legislation related to out-of-gauge and heavy tonnage cargo transportation, follows technological innovations, and offers sustainable logistics strategies.

By shaping the production conditions and methods, we provide the heavy cargo services that you will need in your projects that will touch the lives of millions with competitive prices and our expert team in the field. We organize your project transportation plans and operations by seeing the big picture, and we are at the beginning of the project from the very beginning to the last moment.