As ATC GROUP, we are working to meet the needs of our customers in the best way with the Storage and Distribution services we offer with technology and automation infrastructure at home and abroad, as well as road, air, sea, rail-intermodal, project-exhibition, and contract transportation. Storage, which is strategically effective for companies, is one of the most important services provided by ATC GROUP.

We carry all cargoes from the pharmaceutical sector to automotive, food to electronics to all sectors and from flammable, explosive substances to cold chain products with care and responsibility.

While providing comprehensive service with our expert staff in the field of storage and distribution, our extensive agency network, advanced technological infrastructure, experienced customer service unit, our motto is safe, just-in-time and economical delivery.

Storage and Distribution Services

  • Pre-shipment preparations
  • Packaging and consumable material management
  •  Warehouse management system
  •  Online tracking system
  •  Reporting
  •  Domestic Distribution

An experienced team and warehouse management that is not done in a systematic way can cost companies big losses. The knowledge of warehouse employees about the work is of great importance. As ATC GROUP, we stand by our customers in providing these processes with a high-level and comprehensive storage service. We carry out order management with warehouse management system, provide complete shipment with inventory control and fulfill customer's demands completely.

Our advantage is our flexibility to produce company-specific services within the framework of the warehouse regime, which can change according to the wishes of our customers, thanks to our wide service and agency network. Thanks to our warehouse management system and experienced personnel, we prevent the mixing of different types of products, minimize stock losses and ensure that management is carried out from a single center.