About Us

it was established in 1999 with 100% Turkish capital in such a way that its primary goal is to contribute to the national economy and provide employment opportunities to the people of the country.


Our company has followed a customer-oriented strategy in the field of International Transportation and Logistics since its establishment and has taken its place in the sector as one of the rare companies working as a boutique shipper in the sector.


Since 1999, it has closely followed the technological opportunities of the era and ensured that they are integrated into its system and has reached a solid point in the sector without ever compromising customer satisfaction.


Although our company was founded in 1999, vehicle investment was made only by using its equity and a total fleet of 30 vehicles was reached. Together with our rental vehicles, we continue to serve our customers on the highway with a fleet of 75 vehicles in total.


In the coming period, without compromising its principles and keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, it will continue its way to the future.


1.       Our Principles and Values are Reliable, responsible, fast, efficient, innovative, honest, stable, fair, conciliatory, dynamic, competent, flexible…


By adopting these principles and values, ATC Group offers original and creative solutions that will respond to the expectations of local and international business partners at every step of their business processes.


2.      Message from ATC Group, it is one of our most important tasks to contribute to the national economy by making sure that shipments produced with serious effort and time are delivered to their recipients safely and on time.