Our Customer and Quality Policy

Aiming at service excellence, ATC GROUP tries to create urgent solutions by handling customer complaints in a fair and impartial manner. Customer complaints are the most important step towards excellence…

The solutions produced are implemented as soon as possible without creating material and moral problems within the framework of customer satisfaction.

To keep the satisfaction at the highest level and to be able to realize this by providing our services at low costs in the International Transportation sector in which we operate, meeting the needs of our customers in a timely and accurate manner,

  •         To meet customer needs on time,
  •        To inform the customer in detail about the service to be offered,
  •        To provide a working environment in which our employees at all levels will be happy by ensuring their participation in the service and management,
  •        To keep the training level of our staff at the highest level
  •      It is the Quality Policy of our company to ensure continuous improvement at every point by complying with the requirements of the quality management system.