As ATC Group, we provide reliable, fast, and advantageous service by prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers with our specialized personnel, self-made vehicles and equipment. Thanks to our organizations located in countries that are in a key position in international shipping traffic and a widespread worldwide agency network, we can provide international shipping services from any point in the world to any other, with any type of transportation or combinations of them in the most effective way without compromising quality. In road transport, where an important part of logistics activities takes place, we offer a quality service at an international level. Thanks to our operations that we can carry out with alternative transportation options, we are able to produce special solutions according to different loads, routes, and countries.

Our Road Transport Activities

  • Export Transportation
    • Import Transportation
    • Transit Transportation
    • Groupage and Partial Transportation
    • Heavy Transportation
    • Project Transportation
    • Complete FTL Transportation
    • Partial LTL Transportation
    • Multi-modal Transportation
    • Textile Transportation
    • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
    • Special Product Transportation Requiring Temperature Control Transfer
    • Transports Requiring Special Equipment
    • Speedy Minivan Transportation
    • 3rd Country Transportation (With/Without Transfer)