• Intercontinental Maritime Logistics Solutions

    In this period, when the importance of container transportation is increasing day by day, we are offering intercontinental maritime logistics solutions with the agreements we have made with shipowners who have a say all over the world and a wide agency network. Within the scope of our existing agreements, we are engaged in door-to-door delivery, customs clearance, and distribution service activities with marine logistics service to any part of the world.

    We plan LCL and FCL transfers on a container basis with various alternative possibilities and bring the most ideal solutions to our customers with our expert staff in logistics activities between the leading ports of the world Dec.

    We have the infrastructure to provide transportation of different product groups with sea logistics services with alternative container types. As in maritime transportation, we offer alternatives to our customers with specialized solutions in ship transportation, road transportation and other transportation areas. We ensure that all kinds of food, liquids, suspended textiles, flammable and out-of-size goods are integrated with sea transportation.

    As ATC Group, which is a preferred company for faster, more environmentally friendly, and safer transportation services, we work with different logistics combinations (sea-land, land-sea, etc.) we offer the most ideal options to our customers. In this way, we provide cost and time savings with a faster and more efficient logistics service.

    Types of Cargo in Sea Transportation

    In maritime transportation, there are applications in which certain standard packages and systems are applicable, such as in road, airline and railway transportation.
  • Import and export transportation with FCL and LCL containers,
  • Domestic container transportation services,
  • Door-to-door sea transportation,
  • General cargo transportation (precious ores, vehicles, construction machinery. etc.),
  • Bulk cargo transportation (cement, soil, etc.),
  • Transshipment transit freight transportation in Turkey